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PostSubject: FFMSL WORLD BOSS SYSTEM   Tue May 24, 2016 11:42 am


An FFMSL World Boss is a Boss type character that will linger around the map for a period of time. Their HP will not recover after fights so if you damaged the world boss and then escaped to fight another day, the next time it's HP will be the same as you left it. There is no limit as to how many players or parties that can engage the World Boss.

XP rewards will be based on the % of contribution: Total Damage Dealt, Total Damage mitigated, Total Support given to party.

During item rewards, it can get pretty burtal so PVP is allowed right after the reward Items drops. Once a PVP is initiated, the characters cannot return to the RP until the PVP is concluded. Items gained after the World Boss Fight is also not usable until after the PVP is settled.

Only players who died fighting a World Boss will be given a Respec Token per account.

World Boss matches are all DEATHMATCHES, if your entire party loses during a World Boss Fight, then your characters will be considered dead. Same for soloing a World Boss, if you lose against a World Boss your character will be considered dead. But if you die against a World Boss, your will not lose your XP. You can make a new character will all your previous XP, stats and skills. Be careful though, the RESPEC Tokken is only given once per account and should you die a second time, you'll be forced to make a new character with the same stats and skills as the one before.

ESCAPE is allowed as many times as you want against a World Boss. During a World Boss Fight, once you escape, your character does not recover HP not matter how long you rest. You must use Potions or Magic to recover HP. You must wait 4 hours in real-time before you can re-engage a World Boss. You should escape a few turns prior to when your character hit critical HP level to make sure he/she doesn't die in case your ESCAPE attempt fails.

Please avoid Meta-Gaming. If your character has no means of knowing there's a World Boss in the map please don't drop your current story just to go to it. ^^
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